Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Attacks have been reported among some novice cannabis users and also among some Marinol recipients. Three primary causes are cited: A) Some clinical studies have relied on cannabis obtained “on the street” and consumed by persons having no prior experience with the illegal drug, generating a certain amount of anxiety, which seems appropriate, and is therefore easily discounted; B) Novice users may simply be unaccustomed to the effects of cannabis, and therefore may in some cases interpret a slight increase in their circulation and heart rate as feelings of anxiety; C) Synthetic delta-9 THC is known to be much more psychoactive than other cannabinoids present in natural marijuana, and is more potent than natural cannabis. At least one of the cannabinoids not found in Marinol, CBG, is known to have a sedative and anticonvulsant effect that counters the mental stimulation of THC. Whatever the cause of anxiety attacks reported by a few users, such feelings are easily calmed by reassurance. Anxiety attacks generally subside in several minutes as the psychotropic effects dissipate.

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